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»Subject of Position« | Performance

2018 | Berlin

A production of tanzfähig and Zwoisy Mears-Clarke in coproduction with Tanztage Berlin, 
and supported by ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz.

To experience dance through touch changes the reception of physical differences. Which tactile
experiences are already stored in the body, which ones are new? A performance as an invitation
to rethink the visual perceptions of difference.
The performance takes place in a pitch black room and is accessible to blind, visually impaired,
and sighted persons as well as pedestrians and wheelchair users whose chairs have a low
backrest or a backrest made of fabric.

PERFORMANCE | Charlotte Hartz, Silja Korn, Sophia Neises, Bernhard Richarz, Louise Trueheart
SOUND DESIGN | Alessio Castellacci
LIGHT DESIGN | Emese Csornai
DURATION | 50 minutes

• January 2018 | Berlin (GER)
  Tanztage Berlin, Sophiensæle

»Als der Flieder blühte,...« | Tanzstück

2013 | Berlin

All die Geschichten, die unsere Körper bewahren, werden wieder lebendig, wenn wir uns
begegnen. Indem wir sie einander erzählen, beginnen unsere Erinnerungen zu fließen.
Die Empfindungen, die wir zueinander haben, verändern sich. Danach ist nie mehr so wie
Davor - selbst dann nicht, wenn wir dasselbe wiederholen mögen. Wer will, kann spüren,
wie die Zeit, die wir teilen, den Raum öffnet, der uns gemeinsam ist.

--> Bilder und Texte zum Entstehungsprozess

--> Trailer

--> weitere Einblicke in das Stück

KONZEPT & CHOREOGRAFIE | Evelyne Wohlfarter
TANZ | Alessandra Lola Agostini & Bernhard Richarz
MUSIK | Tschaikovsky Snova, kak prezhde...

• März 2014 | Osnabrück (D)
   Diversity Days, Fokus: Inklusive Tanzkunst, Hochschule Osnabrück
• August 2013 | Berlin (D)
   NAH DRAN extended: summer try out, ada-Studio


'When the lilacs bloomed,...' | Dance Performance

2013 | Berlin

All the stories, which our bodies save, will live again when we meet. When we tell those
stories to each other, our memories begin to flow. The sensibility between us will change.
It will never be like before, not even if we repeat the same thing. Anyone who wants to
can feel how the time we share opens the space we have in common.


--> Pictures and texts of the process

--> Trailer

--> More about the piece

CONZEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY | Evelyne Wohlfarter
DANCE| Alessandra Lola Agostini & Bernhard Richarz
MUSIC | Tschaikovsky Snova, kak prezhde...

• March 2014 | Osnabrück (GER)
   Diversity Days, Focus: Inclusive Dance Art, University Osnabrück
• August 2013 | Berlin (GER)
   NAH DRAN extended: summer try out, ada-Studio

'Triptychon' | Video-Dance

May - August 2011 | Berlin


'triptychon' plays impressively with both the space of the Berlin St.Elisabeth Church
and the space between themselves, which the three dancers open up through their
performance. Walking, limping and rolling, the dancers find themselves in each other,
at the same time becoming recognized for their peculiarities.

'I have tried to bring three different personalities together, each moving in their
own way...Of course you see disabilities too...Maybe it's the unusual - that the
unusual in the dance doesn`t seem to be unusal anymore.'
Evelyne Wohlfarter



'triptychon' is available. Just order by email. All the profit goes towards future
projects and productions of tanzfähig Berlin. Thank you loads for your support!! 

DIRECTION | Evelyne Wohlfarter | Sushma U. Gütter
CHOREOGRAPHY | Evelyne Wohlfarter 
CAMERA | EDITING | Sushma U. Gütter
MUSIC | Josh Winiberg
DANCE | Bernhard Richarz | Claudia Posch | Evelyne Wohlfarter

•  June 2016 | Helsinki (FIN)
   X Dance Festival
•  August 2014 | Berlin (GER)
    18m Salon
•  July 2014 | Porto Alegre (BR)
    International Society of Music Education
•  July 2014 | Curitiba (BR)
    International Society of Music Education
•  February 2014 | Berlin (GER)
    Open Stage Steglitz, TanzTangente
• July 2013 | Salzburg (A)
   International Summer Course of the Carl Orff Insitut
• May 2013 | Ankara (TUR)
   Goethe-Institut Ankara
• March 2013 | Lucerne (CH)
   DanceFilmFestival Luzern for contemporary dance#2
   Special Mention DanceFilmFestival Lucerne 2013
   'For more diversity in contemporary dance and the social reflection about dance, art and life.'

• November 2012 | Istanbul (TUR)
   Dance Camera Festival 2012
• November 2012 | New Delhi (IN)
   Festival SAMBHAV 2012
• Juni 2012 | Berlin (GER)
   On the Wall, TanzFilmReihe of ada-Studios
• November 2011 | Berlin (GER)
   Friedenauer Atelierrundgang, Südwestpassage Kultour, Stonehead Cut
• October 2011 | Bremen (GER)
   eigenARTig Festival for Integrative Contemporary Dance
• October 2011 | Berlin (GER)
   premiere, ada-Studio
• August 2011 | Berlin (GER)
   previewing in the context of the Opening of TanzTangente 


'triGespräch' | Dance Performance

January - May 2011 | Berlin


they present themselves – they let themselves be seen – they play with the space – they relate to one another – they have encounters with one another – they share – they find themselves in new situations – they get involved – they present their individuality – they discover differences – their characteristics are passed on and become present in the others

DANCE | Bernhard Richarz | Claudia Posch | Evelyne Wohlfarter
COMPOSITION | Josh Winiberg
MUSIC | Josh Winiberg | Matthieu Pons


• May 2011 | Berlin (GER)
   Neuköllner Originaltöne at the Genezareth Kirche
• April 2011 | Berlin (GER)
   premiere in the context of a Soirèe at the Elias-Kuppelsaal